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Welcome to The Disarticulator studios…


With a huge selection of mini figures in the pipeline, we’ve decided to create a dedicated site covering all of the latest from ourselves, The Disarticulators… Born out of a joint passion for minis, MOTU, art toys and 80′s/90′s pop culture, the group, consisting of the Amazing Zectron, Lee Burbridge from Bigmantoys and myself, Tru:Tek, aim to ignite the passion for mini figures in the art toy scene once more, with the introduction of several new one-off and ongoing releases. In the coming weeks we’ll be bringing you guys updates from our studios on both sides of the pond, exclusive reveals, plus news and competitions you won’t find anywhere else but here first…


Whilst you guys wait for the first post from our resident resin fiend Lee (featuring an exclusive look at the latest Break Fighter!), we suggest you get yourselves acquainted with the various lines we have coming by checking out our many posts over at Man-E-Toys right here… Enjoy!

-Niall “Tru:Tek” Anderson


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