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The Disarticulators FAQs…

It’s come to our attention that with the number of different projects we have going on at the moment that some confusion has arisen as to what/who The Disarticulators are, so without further ado, we bring you a comprehensive FAQ from our very own Zectron which should (hopefully!) clear up any questions you guys may have…

What/who are you? 

Three separate toy artists (Tru:Tek, Zectron and Bigmantoys) who have joined forces to release what we hope will be great toys with a strong emphasis on authentic presentation and creative packaging peppered with more than a hint of nostalgia.

Will everything  the three of you make be a Disarticulators release?

No, not at all. We will sometimes release toys independant of one another (i.e. Tru:Tek’s H.U.S.T.L.E line and Bigmantoys neo-vintage action figure TREEGAR). Think of it like the old Super Friends cartoon (or better yet the Legion of Doom), where we can do things by ourselves but at the same time we realize working together lets us pull off even more daring crimes. I mean make cooler toys. Yeah, toys…

What brought you together?

Like any good team, a lot of what made us want to work together was a similar passion for toys. Pure unfiltered love for all the toys we had as kids and a keen interest in the international world of art toys. At the same time the fact we all have very different strengths and weaknesses makes us much more capable as a whole then we are individually.

Will your toys be resin or rubber?

We enjoy toys made from both and we have an expert in each material on our team so we don’t feel the need to just do one or the other.

Will your toys be impossible for fans to get?

No, of course not. We believe firmly in giving customers what they want and hope to be able to produce a “general release” colorway for everything we make. At the same time there will be some colors that are much more limited and that are specific to certain shops/cons/times. Hopefully that will cater to both the people who just want a cool toy and those who enjoy the thrill of the chase and the joy of a complete color collection.

Why is your packaging so awesome?

Simply because we like cool packaging. Carefully decorated and folded boxes and backboards with blister bubbles make us happy. We are making toys we want on our shelves so hopefully going the extra mile makes you guys want them as well…


Bigmantoys Studio Update// Introducing the new Break Fighter- “Aboboid”…


Working with Zectron (sculptor of the Critter and Beardfist) is obviously a daunting task. His sculpting is among the best in the indie toy (art toy, bootleg, whatever you like to call it) scene. I might never be able to sculpt as clean as him. But I can sculpt like I can draw, and I draw mean and dirty! Beard-fist needs a big boss-level bad guy to fight. He needs… ABOBOID!


“Hyper mutated kidnapping street punk boss!! He’ll smack your girlfriend on the ASS!!! And taunt you about it!! (select button)”

He is a mishmash of different scrolling beat ’em up influences. I’ve basically taken all the elements I like out of Final Fight, Double Dragon, Rival Turf, and Streets of Rage, and given them a slightly more modern twist. Think Abobo from Double Dragon meets Blanka (not scrolling, I know) and 50 Cent and mutate them into one.

hair no hair2

I asked around about this and the Mohawk vs NoHawk debate raged moderately for a day on Facebook. So I decided to include a Mohawk in the pack, to give people the option of glueing it on if they want one. This also allows for some sweet mixing of colours…


I’m not a great painter so I’ve shipped a couple off to see what the paint-pros can do with him. In the meantime, my effort above illustrates to a lesser or greater degree how I envisage the figure in colour.


COLOURWAYS AND EXCLUSIVES// On top of my resin version, fellow Disarticulator Tru:Tek will also be working on several rubber variants over the next couple of months too. In the meantime though, the figures will be making their debut at Killer Bootlegs’ “Toys Are Us” group show at the Rockford Art Deli… Entitled the “HYPER ACID HOLOGLITTER MARBLE” editions (pictured), the crazy clear cast pieces will be joined by a matching set of 4 Sappling minis. Stay tuned for release info on both Aboboid and original Break fighter ‘Higekami’ soon!

-Lee “Bigmantoys” Burbridge

Welcome to The Disarticulator studios…


With a huge selection of mini figures in the pipeline, we’ve decided to create a dedicated site covering all of the latest from ourselves, The Disarticulators… Born out of a joint passion for minis, MOTU, art toys and 80′s/90′s pop culture, the group, consisting of the Amazing Zectron, Lee Burbridge from Bigmantoys and myself, Tru:Tek, aim to ignite the passion for mini figures in the art toy scene once more, with the introduction of several new one-off and ongoing releases. In the coming weeks we’ll be bringing you guys updates from our studios on both sides of the pond, exclusive reveals, plus news and competitions you won’t find anywhere else but here first…


Whilst you guys wait for the first post from our resident resin fiend Lee (featuring an exclusive look at the latest Break Fighter!), we suggest you get yourselves acquainted with the various lines we have coming by checking out our many posts over at Man-E-Toys right here… Enjoy!

-Niall “Tru:Tek” Anderson

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